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Senior Researcher, PhD  

University of Mons (UMONS) 
Engineering Faculty of Mons (FPMs) 

Numediart Research Institute  
Infortech Research Institute  
TCTS Lab  
31, Boulevard Dolez  
B-7000 Mons (Belgium)  

phone: +32 65 37 47 43  
fax: +32 65 374729  

Matei MANCAS holds an ESIGETEL Audiovisual Systems and Networks engineering degree (Ir.), and a Orsay Univ. D.E.A. degree (MSc.) in Information Processing. He also holds a PhD in applied sciences from the FPMs on computational attention since 2007.

His research deals with signal saliency and understanding.

More details on Computational Attention can be found on this dedicated page. Part of this research is done for artisitic purposes within the numediart institute.

Matei is now the SmartSpaces Group leader @ the Numediart Research Institute (UMONS Institute for Creative Technologies). He also recently founded a spin-off company on human attention prediction for visual communication optimization called Ittention

Community & Teaching:

Spin-off company

  • Founder of ITTENTION sprl, which predicts attention and eye gaze on several visual inputs.

Journal & Book editor

Technical Program Chair:

  • INTETAIN 2013, Mons, Belgium
  • Analysis & Visualization of MOVEment: Focus on Tangible Results, COST IC0903 MOVE meeting, HafenCity University, Hamburg, Germany
  • Co-chair of eNTERFACE 2005 Workshop in Mons, Belgium

Program Committee Member:

Special session organization:

  • Special session on visual attention at EUSIPCO 2015, Nice, France
  • Special session on visual attention at SPIE Electronic Imaging 2012, Brussels, Belgium


  • Organizer of the second meeting of the EU project LinkedTV (FP7) in Mons, Belgium
  • Organizer of the second meeting of the COST IC0903 MOVE Action in Mons, Belgium
  • Belgian expert in the AAPELE COST Action
  • Belgian expert and member of the Management and Steering Committee of the MOVE COST Action (IC0903) (until end 2013)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the University of Mons (UMONS)
  • Member of the EUCOG III Coordination Action

Current members of my team

  • Alessa Bandrabur (Emotion and atteniton analysis), PhD
  • Pierre-Henri Dedecken (Unity and 3D programming)
  • Sohaib Larraba (Gestures analysis)
  • Francois Rocca (Face and body analysis)

My current PhD students

  • Pierre Marighetto (Video Saliency) in cooperation with the University of Ottawa (Canada)
  • Alexandre Milisavljevic (Attention and scanpath) in cooperation with the University of Paris Diderot (France) and SublimeSkinz company (France)
  • PhutPhalla Kong (Top-down atteniton) in cooperation with the SublimeSkinzITC Institute (Cambodia)
  • Ambroise Moreau (Depth extraciton from 2D images & video)

My past PhD students

  • Nicolas Riche (Human attention modelling in images and videos)
  • Julien Leroy (Social attention detection and analysis)
  • Radhwan Ben Madhkour (Adaptative projections for smart interactions)
  • Justine Decuypere (Computational retina model for mesopic lighting conditions) (past student)


  • Image processing
  • Video processing
  • Medical image processing
  • Smart spaces

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Research cloud (built from publication list):

Current research

Matei focuses on the 1) prediction, 2) analysis and 3) trigger of human attention. Attention is the process used by humans to focus on "important" features in still images, 360° images and videos and it is the beginning of a higher level signal understanding. Attention is part of the broader Artificial Intelligence community. Part of this research is done for creative purposes within the Numediart Research Institute (UMONS Institute for Creative Technologies).

  • Attention prediction: More on computational attention can be found at this dedicated page.

  • Attention analysis: Attention-related non-verbal signals extraction using RGBD sensors (head and body orientation, emotions, expressive gestures and poses, interpersonal spaces).

  • Attention trigger: Serious game-based interactions and emergent gameplays enhancing attention and motivation.

Matei visited for several months the Alcor Lab of the Sapienza University (Rome) and IRISA Lab of the University of Rennes (France) and he is interested in bringing attention algorithms into real-life and real-time in several application domains:

  • People interest for marketing optimization
  • Audio-video event detection for surveillance
  • Abnormal behavior detection in crowd videos for video-surveillance or crowd augmentation
  • Images and medical images saliency
  • Small interacting groups of people using 3D saliency (from RGBD sensors) and audio event integration
  • Saliency of human gestures and proxemics
  • People interest analysis using non verbal cues (head/body)
  • Saliency algorithm embodiment in pan-tilt mechanical systems

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  • To get the list of my publications from the University server (wait time ~ 30s), please click here: UMONS Publication server

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  • With Olivier and Stéphane, two friends of mine, we made a hand-made raft and hd an adventure on the Danube river in 2002 (yes, we were young :-) departing from Budapest (Hungary) to Sulina (Romania) on the Black See. It was a great trip where we met a lot of great people, saw the fresh ex-Yougoslavia war consequences, and got big waves during 1600 Km and 6 weeks!
  • More about the theatre club of Marly on http://www.compagniepascalemeurisse.com/

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