Thomas Drugman
PhD - FNRS research Fellow

Faculty of Engineering, Mons

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Highlight on some recent papers

V.Klimkov, A.Nadolski, A.Moinet, B.Putrycz, R.Barra-Chicote, T.Merritt, T.Drugman, Phrase break prediction for long-form reading TTS: exploiting text structure information, Interspeech, Stockholm, 2017

T. Drugman, J. Pylkkoenen, R. Kneser, Active and Semi-Supervised Learning in ASR: Benefits on the Acoustic and Language Models, Interspeech, 2016

J. Pylkkoenen, T. Drugman, M. Bisani, Optimizing Speech Recognition Evaluation Using Stratified Sampling, Interspeech, 2016

T. Drugman, Y. Stylianou, Y. Kida, M. Akamine, Voice Activity Detection: Merging Source and Filter-based Information, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2015

T. Drugman, Y. Stylianou, L. Chen, X. Chen, M. Gales, Robust Excitation-based Features for Automatic Speech Recognition, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2015

T.Drugman, P.Alku, A.Alwan, B.Yegnanarayana, Glottal Source Processing: from Analysis to Applications, Computer Speech and Language, 2014

G.Degottex, J.Kane, T.Drugman, T.Raitio, S.Scherer, COVAREP - A Collaborative Voice Analysis Repository for Speech Technologies, IEEE International Conference on Audio Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Florence, Italy, 2014

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