3. Download

3.1. Documentation

In MLRR-doc.pdf, You will find all information you need for underdstanding what is MLRR and how it works. This documentation presents also some test programs in C,C++ and Perl.

3.2. The MLRR DLL

The C++ source code

The binary format

3.3. Some packages including the DLL

You don't need the previous dll_mlrr.zip for working with the following packages.

3.3.1. Packages themselves

The following packages contain the C++ source code of the DLL:

The following packages contain only an binary format of the DLL:

3.3.2. The Perl module needed for loading a DLL in Perl

Perl needs the WIN32::API module for being able to load a DLL. This module works under Windows and Unix/Linux.
There are three install files in this package. If you work with ActivePerl, use install_for_ActivePerl.pl, else use Makefile or Makefile.pl.