New PHO databases

One of the biggest interests of the MBROLIGN project (and definitely its most original aspect) lies in its ability to provide an ever growing set of PHO databases to researchers.

To achieve this goal, the MBROLIGN project has itself been organized in 2 steps:

  • Make MBROLIGN v1.1 freely available to users, so people can test it, and use it to produce PHO files. This makes it possible for people with small-scale databases to align them by themselves. Users of the MBROLIGN software are kindly asked to make their PHO files available in the contest of the MBROLIGN project, but this is not mandatory.
  • Make it possible for owners of large-scale text+speech databases (typically, research labs, or companies) to have their databases automatically aligned with our batch version of MBROLIGN. In return, we ask them to share the PHO files produced by MBROLIGN, by letting us put these PHO files on the MBROLIGN Project Web Site, for non-commercial, non-military applications. Notice we do not manually correct the PHO files produced by MBROLIGN. This is left to database providers. As a result, we do not make hand-corrected databases available (we do not even have access to them), except with a special permission from database owners.

The terms of this sharing policy can be summarized as follows :

After some official agreement between the author of MBROLIGN and the owner of a text+speech, the database is processed by the MBROLIGN team and the phonetic/prosodic files are returned to the owner of the database. These files are also made available on the MBROLIGN web site for non-commercial, non-military use as part of the MBROLIGN project. Commercial rights on the PHO files remain with the database provider.

PHO database produced in the context of this project will be copyright Faculte Polytechnique de Mons - F.MALFRERE. Non-commercial use of the database will be automatically granted to Internet users. In return, we shall send you a license agreement which will transfer all our commercial rights on the newly created database to you.

All these details will be fixed by some official agreement before you send us anything.

Contacting the MBROLIGN Team

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Thank you for your cooperation !

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