Downloading PHO files


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Available PHO databases
  • LeSoir97, a 70' database of read Belgian news. Provided by Fabrice Malfrere, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons; Belgium. This database has been manually corrected.
  • Emotions, a database of emotive speech, provided by Luc Lemaire, University of Liege, Belgium. This database has been manually corrected.
  • EUROM1, a phonetic alignment of the EUROM1 MULTEXT PROSODIC DATABASE ENGLISH CD, provided by Daniel Hirst, University of Aix, France. This database is currently being manually corrected (this new alignment will be soon available).
  • Arabic, an arabic database (moroccan) of 40 minutes, provided by Nawfal Tounsi, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons; Belgium.

If you want to "listen" to PHO files

You may download the MBROLA synthesizer and the corresponding voices from the MBROLA Project Web Site.

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