Our address

MBROLIGN Project Development Team

Faculte Polytechnique de Mons, TCTS Lab,
31, bvd Dolez, B-7000 Mons, Belgium.
tel : /32/65/374133
fax : /32/65/374129
e-mail: mbrola@tcts.fpms.ac.be for general information, databases
mbrolign@tcts.fpms.ac.be for the speech alignment program
mbrolatools@tcts.fpms.ac.be for the DLL related programs

Who we are

See pics of the Speech Synthesis Group at TCTS Lab.

You can also see some of us (especially Mr. MBROLIGN himself, Fabrice Malfrere) in these Videos!


I would like to thank Thierry Dutoit for his support and his interest during the development of this Text-to-Speech alignment system.

I would also thank Vincent Pagel, Michel Bagein and Alain Ruelle for their comments about the MBROLIGN interface.

I am also grateful to all the members of the TCTS Lab of Faculté Polytechnique de Mons who tried and evaluated the MBROLIGN. Special thanks to Olivier Deroo and Vincent Pagel for their intensive testing.

Finally, we thank the FRIA (Fonds pour la Formation ŕ la Recherche dans l'Industrie et dans l'Agricuture) for its financial support.

Last but not least, let us greet our phonetic database providers, without whom this project would not have even started: Fabrice Malfrere (LeSoir98), Daniel Hirst (Univ. Aix) (EUROM1?),and Luc Lemaire (Univ. Liege) (EMOTIONS)! May they be thanked for their work.

F. Malfrere

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