Joining the MBROLA project as a user

Reporting bugs

If you detect a bug, or if you find an input for which the quality of the speech provided by mbrola is not as good as usual, first consult the FAQ file from the MBROLA Project homepage, which will be frequently updated. If this is of no help, send a kind mail to the author (see below) , in which you include the .pho file with which the problem appears and mention your machine architecture.

Commercial versions

If you are interested in the commercial version of mbrola (source code available in C), send an email to ACAPELA-GROUP SA ( who owns all commercial rights on the software. .

Providing new diphone databases

If you want to participate to the mbrola project by providing a diphone database (i.e. a set of sample files with one example of each diphone in your language), click here

Writing to the author

My email is surname dot name at umons dot ac dot be.

Thierry Dutoit

Last updated Oct 28th, 2014