MBROLA Tools Page

Here is the CYGWIN version

This is the install package (1.8 Mb) for using Mbrola with Windows 32bits.  Please note that, in order to install it on Windows 2000 and XP you need to be logged in as an administrator of your machine.

The Mbrolatools package contains :

Mbrola.dll Mbrola Engine
MbrPlay.dll Easy-to-use Interface to the engine
Mbroli A .pho Player
PhoPlayer A .pho Script Player
Control Panel A control panel for managing the Mbrola Databases installed on the computer
MbrEdit Another .pho Player (written in VB, sources included)
C & VB source codes Interface to the DLLs

A package for Delphi users : mbrdelphi5.zip

The package contains

  • mbrplay.pas, a module that make the includes for the mbrplay.dll
  • mbrdelphi.pas, a simple project that uses mbrplay.dll

Warning : The Mbrola Tools doesn't include any database. Don't forget to download databases before using the Mbrola Tools.

The Authors

Last updated July, 13th, 20000