Downloading MBROLA


Have you read the license agreement for non-commercial, non-military use of the program and databases ? If not, click here.

If you don't agree with the terms of these licenses, stop here and contact : Mbrola Team.

If you do agree, go ahead.

Don't forget to subscribe to the MBROLA mailing list :

mbrola-news@tcts... : subscribe to be informed of latest binary and language releases. Send an email to mbrola-news-request@tcts... with the word 'subscribe' in either the header or the main text. There is also a forum for MBROLA user's questions and issues, (sharing .pho files or free applications running on top of Mbrola).Send an email to mbrola-interest-request@tcts... with the word 'subscribe' in either the header or the main text. To unsubscribe, just send another mail with 'unsubscribe'.

What you will have to copy

1) MANDATORY : The kernel, composed of the MBROLA binary and voices. The zip files you should copy here depend your operating system and computer. The binary itself takes less than 100kb, and a voice/language about 5 MBytes.

2) OPTIONAL : The previous binaries can synthesize speech by itslef, or be combined with one of the following:

  • FULL TTS SYSTEMS FOR MBROLA allowing Text To Speech conversion with Mbrola
  • MBROLIGN, a prosody transplantation tool for Windows. Make it sing, or copy your voice for natural prompts...
  • XLANG, a cross language adaptation filter that lets MBROLA speak with foreign accents, using pho files for a language and speaking them with another language database. It is provided by Anne Warlus as a Perl script with GNU GPM license. See also Mike Hamilton's cross-language synthesis experiments.
  • EmoFilt, a prosody filter that adds emotion to your .pho files, provided both with source codes and binary by Felix Burkhardt.
  • Some sound utilities and script (11Kb)

Last updated July, 13th, 2000.