MBROLA Project Development Team
Faculte Polytechnique de Mons, MULTITEL-TCTS Lab,
Initialis Scientific Park,
1, Copernic Ave, B-7000 Mons, Belgium.
tel : /32/65/374733
fax : /32/65/374729
e-mail: mbrola for general information, databases
mbrolign@tcts.fpms.ac.be for the speech alignment program
mbrolatools@tcts.fpms.ac.be for the Windows DLL related programs

Who we are

See pics of the Speech Synthesis Group at TCTS Lab.

You can also see some of us in these Videos!

I would like to thank Vincent Pagel (TCTS Lab, Mons, B) for his intensive programming, testing, and debugging of this program, and for all sorts of fruitful discussions. I hope he knows how invaluable his help has been to me. Not to forget Nicolas Pierret and Olivier Van der Vreken, for their contribution to the Mbrola coder.

The dynamics of the MBROLA project owes a lot to the so-called "mbrola-officers", who are the permanent contact points and manage the project on a daily basis. After me, Vincent Pagel has wonderfully carried up this task until december 1999, and has been succeeded by Baris Bozkurt, our current and very efficient "mbrola-man". The world record number of languages/voices available in the project is their achievement.

Then let's greet our pioneer database providers: Aggelos Bletsas (GR), Marian Boldea(RO), Gösta Bruce (SW), Alistair Conkie (UK), Denis Costa (BR), Arthur Dirksen(NL), Thierry Dutoit (BE), Céline Egéa (FR), Fred Englert (DE), Gim Gyeongseog (KR), Chung Hyunsong (KR), Kim Kyongsok (KR), Nikolaj Lazic (CR),Einar Meister (EE), Yann-Ber Messager (BZ), Vincent Pagel (FR), Marcus Philipson (SW), George Sergiadis (GR), Nawfal Tounsi (AR), Raymond Veldhuis (NL), Gordon Tischer (ES) and the team at University Autonoma of Barcelona (ES)! May they be thanked for their work.

Sam Przyswa (NEXT Paris/FR), Fred Englert (IBMRS600 Frankfurt/DE), Arnaud Gaudinat (VAX-VMS University of Geneva, CH), Cyrille Mastchenko (BeOS Montreal/CA), Michael C. Thornburgh (SCO-Unix USA), Bruno Langlois(Java port Quebec/CA), Christophe M. Vallat (OS2 Domerat/FR), Cristiano Verondini (Mac Bologna/Italy), Gerald Kerma (Mac G'K2 Vaugrigneuse/FR), David Woodman (SUN4 Berkshire/England), Garry Thomas (Linux-PPC Grenoble/France), Thomas Fletcher (QNX-OS CA), Philippe Devallois (Mac DLL) and Thomas Agopian (BeOs) for their help in the compilation of MBROLA on many platforms.

Thibault Gueslin for his MBROLA-MAC web page.

Arnaud Gaudinat (Lausanne/CH), Thierry Gartiser (Nancy/France), Alec Epting (Summer Institure of Linguistics/USA), Michael M. Cohen (University of California - Santa Cruz), and Patrick Bouffer (France) have arranged mirror sites.

David Haubensack has written a French TTS in PERL, Stephen Isard and Alistair Conkie have provided the Freespeech British English TTS!! Alan Black and Paul Taylor have supported the Mbrola Project in their great Festival multilingual TTS Project. Ben Wooler has designed TexTalk, a C++-based English TTS around mbrola. Vincent Pagel, Alan Black, and Kevin Lenzo have worked on the MBRDICO project, an mbrola-based set of talking dictionaries.

Fabrice Malfrère (Mons/BE) who has developped an efficient speech alignment program for Windows (distributed on the mbrola site).

Nawfal Tounsi(Mons/BE) who has developped the W project aimed at helping disable people talk with the help of Mbrola.

Alain Ruelle (Mons/BE) who has developped the MBRPlay dll and the Mbroli interactive pho file player for Windows.

Last but not least, I am also greatly indebted to Francois Bataille(Mons/BE) for having supported the creation of this internet project.

Last updated December 17, 1999, send comments to Mbrola Team