The LIPSS Project

LInguistic Processing for Speech Synthesis

LIPSS was the first TTS system built in the lab. It has recently evolved into two TTS systems : EULER , a (mostly GNU) generic, modular, and multilingual TTS system using copus-based techniques, and MINGUS , a Prolog-based TTS system for French, using high-level syntactic analysis and tone-based prosody generation, designed by Piet Mertens at University of Leuven.

EULER and MINGUS are now being assessed and compared to other systems in the framework of the Action de Recherche Concertée " Linguistique informatique et corpus oraux : Synthèse vocale" organized by AUPELF-UREF, in collaboration with :

  • Department of Linguistics, K-U-Leuven, B
  • LAIP , Université de Lausanne, CH
  • Département de linguistique , Université de Genève, CH
  • INRS - Telecom, Quebec, CA
  • Institut de la Communication parlée, Grenoble, FR
  • LIMSI, Paris, FR

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