February 5th, 2001

Spanish, Dutch, British English, and American English MBROLA voices have been plugged into EULER 2.00 beta. These TTS systems are only rudimentary : they include phonetization, but not morpho-syntactic analysis is performed, nor any prosody modeling. Intonation is flat. Third parties have started contacting us for collaborating to EULER in other languages.

November 23rd, 2000

EULER 2.00 beta is now fully available from our download page. It speaks French and Arabic, is available for MS-Windows and LINUX (Mac port sheduled for july). We still call it "beta" because we are still working on the 2.0 documentation. This is also why we have not widely announced it yet.

May 3rd, 2000

EULER 2.00 beta was first shown today at the Mons Linux Days . It speaks French and Arabic, and its Linux port is ... almost done.

May 26th, 1999, 18:30

After 2 years of intensive work on the design of a generic, modular TTSkernel, written with solid C++ code, we are proud to announce EULER v1.01.

EULER is the basis of a collaborative R&D project set up by the Speechsynthesis research group of the Faculté Poytechnique de Mons. Its objective is to provide a freely available, easy-to-use, and easy-to-extend, generic multilingual TTS for Windows95/98/NT, Mac-OS, and Linux, which will progressively integrate results of existing multilingual language and speech processing projects.

In order to reach its goals, EULER comes as a language-independent kernel. Applications talk to the kernel; the kernel talks to modules. The heart of the EULER kernel is its multi-level container (MLC), an STL-based implementation of a Multi-Level Data Structure. Modules and databases are declared in a simple text script and dynamically linked with the EULER kernel. This makes it easy to upgrade or customize EULER, by simply downloading new modules/databases from the EULER Web site, and registering them in the script. The EULER script also makes it possible to define several TTS systems (for using several languages, or several voices, or several speaking styles), by assigning a name to each TTS configuration, and declaring which modules and databases it uses. At run-time, EULER users can easily switch between TTS configurations.

THE EULER KERNEL IS PROVIDED WITH GNU SOURCES. All modules and databases are provided free for non commerical, non military use. (Some are even also provided with GNU sources)

A Windows95/98/NT French-speaking version of EULER is available NOW. As MBROLA users, you are invited to test it; your comments will be welcome.

For more details, see the EULER WEB PAGE:

NB : We know there are a number of features which still need improvement :

  • A real programmer's guide
  • Documentation for already existing modules
  • Wizards for creating new module and item dlls
  • Fine tuning of some databases and modules (like the n-gram tagger or the preprocessor)
  • Port to MacOS and Linux.

This is in the works.

New modules are already in preparation (generic multilevel regular rule parser, midikaraoke singer). Other languages will follow.

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