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> 25 Oct 2001 <

How can i create a .wav file with euler ?

> 08 Jan 2001 <

Hi! i've downloaded WinEuler from your site and I followed all the instruction to make it work on my computer but everytime I try to start it up I get this message: "CSystem initialisation failed: section [SPEAKER] not found".
Can you help me out?

> 24 Dec 2000 <

I recently downloaded Mbrola and Euler, and everything appears to be working except I can't get Euler to output sound. It gives me the error "Section [SPEAKER] not found" I checked the euler.ini and the section is empty. I'm assuming that this section is Linux specific because it is not mentioned in the winEuler html documentation. I'm just wondering what needs to go here and what the syntax is. Thank you for your time, and for making software like this freely available.

> 15 Dec 2000 <

[...] When I try to run Euler.exe, I get the following error message:

Error: Loading error in module: synthese
can't load MBR_Play.DLL

Please advise what I should do to remedy this.
Thanks, [...]

> 08 Dec 2000 <

When i launch play, it says : "can't load database french1".
What can i do ?

> 05 Dec 2000 <

when I start Euler appear a dialog box:
Loading error in module: synthese
augument -dataBase is not valid

> 30 Nov 2000 <


I would like to localize a TTS for my [?] language.
I would appreciate any help in this regard
because our language does not have a TTS engine.

How can this be done ?

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