Download EULER 1.01

After about two years of intensive work by our TTS research and Development group, a first version of EULER is now available.

  1. Download EULER v1.00 :

  2. Run the executable you will receive (2 Mb). This will unzip the Euler archive. To run WinEuler, launch .\Euler\Common\bin\Realease\wineuler.exe.

  3. If you want to be informed of the developments in the EULER project, simply register to the mbrola-news mailing list, by sending email to the word "subscribe" in the subject (you will receive approximately 1 email per month).

  4. NOTICE YOU NEED TO INTALL THE MBROLATOOLS IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO USE EULER. Go to the WinEULER installation pagefor more details.

Nota Bene

  • If you have problems downloading via http, you can also go to our EULER ftp site (in Belgium) and get the "alleuler.exe" file.

  • Euler users who already have installed parts of the Euler archive can also get new parts of Euler by downloading and unzipping

  • Notice that the MS Windows version of EULER also uses four Windows system DLLs : msvcirt.dll, msvcp50.dll, msvcrt.dll, and mfc42.dll. If these DLLs are not present in your [Windows]/system32 directory (which is generaly the case unless you are a MS Windows C++ programmer or you have downloaded the complete EULER 1.00 archive above), you need to download the package from Belgium or from the US, and unzip it in the same directory as the previous three zip files. This will copy the four DLLs you need in your .\Euler\Common\bin\Release directory.

Last updated December 17, 1999, send comments to