Installing WinEULER

If not already done, get the latest EULER archives from the EULER Download Page and unzip them.

This typically requires you to download 3 zip files : the Euler kernel (, the Euler applications (, and at least one language file. We will assume here that you download the French archive file (

IMPORTANT : the MS Windows version of EULER also uses four Windows system DLLs : msvcirt.dll, msvcp50.dll, msvcrt.dll, and mfc42.dll. If these DLLs are not present in your [Windows]/system32 directory (which is generaly the case, unless you are a MS Windows C++ programmer) , you need to download the package from the EULER download page, and unzip it in the same directory as the previous three zip files. This will copy these four DLLs in your .\Euler\Common\bin\Release directory.

You should now have a local .\euler directory containing (among other things) the following subdirectories:

By Default, EULER uses the MBROLA speech synthesizer. This component, however, is not provided as part of the EULER archive file, because it uses large language- and voice-dependent databases. Typically, you will not want to use all the databases available with MBROLA (there are currently 13 languages available, and more than 20 voices). In order to test the WinEULER application, however, we request that you download at least the fr1 database (which produces French speech).
Please proceed as follows:

You are all set. The next thing to do is test WinEULER.

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