WinEULER Users's Guide

WinEULER is an EULER-based multilingual TTS application for MS-Windows.
It comes as an exe file (as well as the corresponding GNU source code), and uses the EULER kernel, as well as the EULER modules and databases. Executable files are available in the \common\bin\release directory and all source files are available in the \apps\wineuler directory of the EULER archive.
Modules and databases are declared in a simple text script and dynamically linked with the WinEULER application. This makes it easy to upgrade WinEULER, by simply downloading new modules/databases from the EULER Web Site, and registering them in the script.
The EULER script makes it possible to define several TTS systems (for using several languages, or several voices, or several speaking styles), by simply assigning a name to each TTS configuration, and declaring which modules and databases are used. At run-time, WinEULER users can easily switch between TTS configurations.

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