File : <CModule.h>

The CSystem class manages all systems defined in an initialization (.ini) file.

If a callback function is defined with the setCallBack() method, the init() and run() methods call this function at run-time, just before running the module, and pass the names of the related system and module as arguments. This makes it possible for the application to monitor the processing performed by EULER.

To avoid callback calling, call the setCallBack method with NULL arguments.

The info() method calls the moduleInfo() function of each module loaded.

Construction/destruction - public members


call-back setting - public member

typedef int (__stdcall *CALLBACKFN)( const char* systemName, const char* moduleName )
void setCallBack( CALLBACKFN Fn, const char* systemName, const char* moduleName ) 

operations - public members

bool init( const char* iniFileName );
bool info() const;
bool run( const char* systemName, class CMlc* mlcPt, class CmdLine* );
bool close();

Status/Information - Public Members

const char* key( unsigned idx ) const;
unsigned size() const { return _size; }

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