The RulesPostPhonetizerFr module is a specific to French. It handles phrase-level phonetization problems, such as schwa's or phonetic liaisons.


An optional tag conversion file can be provided, to translate part-of-speech tags from one set into another:

-tagFile tag_file_name.


RulesPostPhonetizer = RulesPostPhonetizerFr.dll -tagFile tags.rul

For an example of a tag conversion file, see euler/databases/tags_pm.rul

Run time

This module does not create new layers in the MLC. It simply modifies the existing Phoneme layer.

Phonetic liaisons between two Words depend from their corresponding 'Name' and 'POS' features. Phonemes in the Phoneme layer of the MLC are modified, added or deleted, accordingly.

No flag is available for customizing run-time behaviour.

Adaptability to other languages

None. If you want to create a similar module for another language, you will have to create a new module. It might be interesting for you to use the forthcoming EULER multi-layer rewrite rule parser.


executable: Euler\common\bin\release\RulesPostPhonetizerFr.dll


This module and its sources are distributed under the EULER license, take a look in the source files.

Copyright © 1999 TCTS LAB, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium