MBROLAInterface is a GNU generic module that acts as an interface between EULER and the MBROLA speech synthesis engine. It is a good exemple of how EULER can be interfaced with existing software.


This module only requires the name of the MBROLA database to be used, defined with the -dataBase flag.
The following parameters are optional:


synthesis = MBROLAInterface.dll -dataBase fr1


At run-time, the module extracts Phonemes from the Phoneme layer. If the MLC has a F0Target layer, the module also extracts prosodic data from the corresponding F0Targets. All this info is packages into a MBROLA-compatible input buffer, and the MBROLA synthesis enegine is lauchned.

In addition to the initialization flags mentioned above (which can also be set at run-time), the -phoFileOut run-time flag can be set to force the module to produce a .pho file as output:

-phoFileOut pho_file_name.

In this case, there is no audio output.


Executable: Euler\common\bin\release\MBROLAInterface.dll
GNU Souces:
Euler\modules\ MBROLAInterface \*.*


This module and its sources are distributed under the GNU license.

Copyright © 1999 TCTS LAB, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium