The FMProsodyGenerator module is a generic (mutilingual) module to produce prosody (phoneme duration and intonation) from a sequence of words with part-of-speech tags.


FMProsodyGenerator is actually an interface between the EULER MLC and a prosody engine. The name of the DLL corresponding to the prosody engine used must be defined with the -prosoDLL flag.
The engine requires a set of lexicon files, which have to be defined after the -prosoArg flag.
An optional tag conversion file could be used to convert tags from one set into another, by using the -tagFile flag.


prosody = FMProsodyGenerator.dll -prosoDll eulerProso.dll -prosoArg french.alp,...,70,1 -tagFile tags_Proso.rul

Run time

FMprosodyGenerator produces prosody from the Words and Phonemes of the Word and Phoneme layers. The result is stored in F0Tagets in the F0Taget layer (created by the module itself).

No flag is made available to customize run-time behaviour.

Adaptability to other languages

If you want to use this module with other languages (or create other speaking styles for existing languages), please contact We will see how this can be done (typically, this will require that you create a large speech database, with phonemic and part-of-speech tagging, using the tools made available in the MBROLIGN project)

Notice it is also possible to creat a simple rule-based prosody generator, using the forthcoming EULER multi-layer rewrite rule parser.


executable: Euler\common\bin\release\FMProsodyGenerator.dll


This module is provided under the EULER license.

Copyright © 1999 TCTS LAB, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium