Creating a new EULER Item

NB : Some of the info given here is taylored to MS-Windows. It will be adapted to other OSs in the future.

Creating a new item is necessary when you want to introduce new language units into a Multi Layer Container (i.e., language units which have not been used in any of the already available modules)

An item is a C++ structure which contains the characteristics of a language unit. Suppose that we want to create an item representing syllables. Suppose that you need the following syllable characteristics:

To use this structure as an EULER item, you have to derive it from the CItemBase class and define the two pure virtual methods: streamIn and streamOut for I/O access. Any CItemBase-based class inherits the complete link management that characterized the EULER MLC (i.e., the possibility for any item in any layer to be linked with any other item in any other layer).

 To help you do this in the Microsoft Visual C++ 5 environnement, the buildNewItem.bat batch file will create a whole project for the new item you want to create and insert it into the EULER workspaces you want it to belong to.


Open a command window, place the prompt in the euler\tool directory and type the next command:

buildNewItem.bat Syllabe Euler French
The buildNewItem.bat creates the following features:

You can now open the Euler.dsp or French.dsp workspace and activate the Syllable project. In the Header folder, edit the Syllable.h to insert the name, vowel and duration member variables and write streamIn and streamOut methods in the Syllable class. Build the Syllable project and your new Syllable is created.

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