EULER 1.0 Online Documentation

EULER comes as a kernel, with a specific interface to applications who wish to use it. The kernel calls a serie of modules, designed as Dynamic Link Libraries, with a unified interface to the kernel. Modules themselves use databases whose format is module-dependent.

TTS users. You just wish to type text in several languages and let the computer pronounce it. WinEULER has been designed for that specific purpose. It is a general purpose TTS application based on the EULER kernel. See the WinEULER User's guide.

Application developers. You want to use the EULER kernel in your own application (instead of the generic WinEULER application). You need to know how the EULER kernel talks to applications and how applications talk to the kernel. See the EULER Kernel User's guide.

Language providers. You wish to provide a new language for EULER (or provide another version of an existing language). You typically want to know which modules are available and how to create new databases for existing modules. See the EULER Language Provider's guide.

TTS developers. You have TTS modules and want to interface them with EULER or want to create new modules when needed, so as to make them available from the EULER kernel. You need to know how the kernel talks to applications and vice-versa. See the EULER Module/Item Developer's guide.

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