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EULER Project Development Team
Faculte Polytechnique de Mons, TCTS Lab,
Avenue Nicolas Copernic, Parc Initialis, B-7000 Mons, Belgium.
tel : /32/65/374774
fax : /32/65/374729
e-mail: euler@tcts.fpms.ac.be for general information, databases

Who we are

See pics of the Speech Synthesis Group at TCTS Lab.

You can also see some of us in these Videos!


The MLC was designed by Michel Bagein, Alain Ruelle, and Thierry Dutoit, and implemented by Michel Bagein, with help from Alain Ruelle.

Vincent Pagel provided his MBRDICO module

Fabrice Malfrère helped adapting his corpus-based prosody generator to EULER.

Alain Ruelle made MBROLA compatible with EULER and created the auto-installable EULER file.

Thierry Dutoit and Vincent Pagel provided the MBROLA speech synthesizer.

Michel Bagein implemented the preprocessor module (using rules from LIPSS), the lemmatizer (based on Piet Mertens's Morlex), the phonetizer (using rules from LIPSS), and the n-gram tagger (using data from Piet Mertens's Vertex analyzer).

Piet Mertens provided his Morlex morphological database, and data from his Vertex analyzer. He also widely contributed to the design of the corpus-based prosody module.

Dominique Wynsberghe optimized the Ngram_Tagger module for French and prepared the EULER user guide.

We would like to thank Alan Black for his psychological support in this project, and for the many interesting discussions we have had.

Thanks to Olivier Platteau, Robert Paré and Hélène, Canada, for psychologically supporting the use of EULER by disabled persons. This short video goes straight to our hearts.

The EULER Team

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