The proposed demonstration is an omni-scriptor recognition system that is able to classify the 10 handwritten digits, as well as 8 operators of a basic calculator: + - * / ( ) , =. Of course, the aim of this demonstration is only to present some of the know-how that the TCTS Lab. has acquired in the field of Off-Line Handwritten Character Recognition. If you are interested in receiving a version of this demonstration program (Win3.1/95/NT, free of charge for a non-commercial use), click here.

Description :

The user can write its own operation, using the available set of characters, previously described. A scanner provides to the computer the digitalized image of the requested operation, and the demonstration program decodes and displays the image furnished by the scanner. The results of the segmentation and classification steps are then progressively displayed on the screen (figure). Finally, the requested operation is performed by the computer, and the result is displayed.

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