The technical program is the following (download detailed technical program):

Wednesday June 19, 2013

10:00-11:15Keynote speaker: Yannis Stylianou, “Voice Function Assessment”
11:15-11:40Coffee break
11:40-13:00Session: Speech Synthesis
13:00-15:00Lunch (@ la Verr’hier, rue de la Clef)
15:00-17:00Session: Speech Analysis and Enhancement
EveningGuided tour of Mons (18.15 @ Grand-Place) and Belgian beers (19.15 @ La Cervoise – Grand Place)

Thursday June 20, 2013

09:00-10:15Keynote speaker: Björn Schuller, “Speech Processing – When it Gets Emotional”
10:15-10:35Coffee break
10:35-12:35Session: Speech and Audio Analysis
12:35-14:30Lunch (@ la Verr’hier, rue de la Clef)
14:30-15:45Keynote speaker: Steve Renals, “Neural Networks for Speech Recognition”
15:55-17:35Session: Automatic Speech Recognition
EveningGala dinner (bus is leaving at 19.15 from rue de Houdain)

Friday June 21, 2013

09:30-10:45Keynote speaker: Christophe d'Alessandro, “Speaking Loud, Speaking High: Non-Linearities in Voice Strength and Vocal Register Variations”
10:45-11:05Coffee break
11:05-13:05Session: Speech-based Biomedical Applications
13:05-15:00Lunch (@ la Verr’hier, rue de la Clef)