The NOLISP2013 workshop is glad to welcome the four following plenary speakers who are each experts in their domain:

  • Prof. Yannis Stylianou Personal page, University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece:

    “Voice Function Assessment” (slides as PDF)

  • Prof. Björn Schuller Personal page, TUM, Munich, Germany:

    “Speech Processing – When it Gets Emotional” (slides as PDF)

  • Prof. Steve Renals Personal page, Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh, UK:

    “Neural Networks for Speech Recognition” (slides as PDF)

  • Prof. Christophe d’Alessandro Personal page, LIMSI-CNRS, Paris, France:

    “Speaking Loud, Speaking High: Non-Linearities in Voice Strength and Vocal Register Variations” (slides as PDF)