BIOSYS, in short

BIOSYS is a research group dedicated to the study of biological systems in general, including biomedical and biotechnological applications. The research group stems from two laboratories of Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, namely the Automatic Control and the Signal Processing (TCTS) laboratories.
Our research topics include :

  • Dynamic modeling of biological systems
  • Biosignals processing (ECG, EMG, EEG, PCG, PSG, speech)
  • Medical imaging (CT-SCAN, PET-SCAN, MRI)
  • State estimation and classification techniques (neural networks, HMMs, filtering techniques, software sensors, etc.)
  • Bioprocess optimization
  • Bioprocess control

In particular, these techniques are currently applied to :

  • Systematic tools for modeling reaction schemes and kinetics
  • Metabolic engineering and model reduction
  • Anesthesia modeling
  • Preoperative image visualization and computer-assisted surgical planning
  • Sleep stage classification
  • Voice pathology detection
  • Emboli detection
  • artefact detection and elimination
  • Development of observer and filter algorithms (interval observers, particle filters, robust observers, ...) for reconstructing non-measured variables (component concentrations in bio-reactors)
  • Optimization and robust control of yeast fed-batch cultures
  • Modeling and control of animal cell cultures

Our target sectors are :

  • Bio-industries (pharmaceutical industries, agro-food industries)
  • Environment (waste water treatment)
  • Hospitals
  • Medical equipement manufacturers

Latest news

  • The General Chemistry and Biosystems Department at ULB, together with the Control Department at FPMs are setting up a Spin-off based on the COCA and MERCURE projects.
  • A Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) pilot plant will be installed in June 2006 at the Thermodynamics Department of FPMs (Prof. Marc Frere and Prof. Guy de Weireld). This unique research facility will be used to study specific separations (including pharmaceutical applications), to analyze the dynamic behavior of the process and to design software sensors and controllers (monitoring, optimization and control).
  • BIOSYS is candidate for taking part in the Interuniversity Attraction Pole (IAP) on Dynamical Systems, Control, and Optimization financed by the Belgian Federal Government.
  • The ECLIPSE project will start in August 2006. This project aims at producing a software for the detectino of voice pathologies. Il will last three years and is sponsored by Walloon Region.
  • The TANIA project has started in March 2006. Dedicated to the analysis of anesthesia, this project will last four years. It is sponsored by Walloon Region.