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SPRACH Publications

In the following, we list all the publications from the SPRACH consortium related to this project. Some of these publications are attached to this document for information or included as deliverables.

J. Bilmes (1997). ``Joint Distributional Modeling with Cross-Correlation Based Features'', Proc. IEEE ASRU-97, Santa Barbara, 148-155.

J.-M. Boite, F. Bataille O. Deroo, S. Dupont, V. Fontaine, C. Ris and L. Zanoni (1997). ``STRUT: Un logiciel complet pour l'entraînenment et la reconnaissance de la parole'', Proc. Premieres Journees Scientifiques et Techniques FRANCIL, Avignon.

H. Bourlard, S. Dupont and C. Ris (1997). ``Multi-stream Speech Recognition'', CC-AI Journal, Special issue on Prosody.

M. A. Carreira-Perpinan and S. Renals (1998). ``On finite mixtures of Bernouilli distributions'', submitted to Neural Computation.

O. Deroo, C. Ris, S. Dupont, V. Fontaine and J.-M. Boite (1997). ``Hybrid HMM/ANN Systems for Speaker Independent Continuous Speech Recognition System'', ProRisk, November 1997.

S. Dupont and H. Bourlard (1997). ``Using Multiple Time Scales in a Multi-Stream Speech Recognition System'' Proc. Eurospeech, Rhodes, Greece.

S. Dupont, H. Bourlard and C. Ris (1997). ``Robust Speech Recognition Based on Multi-Stream Features'', Proc. of ESCA/NATO Workshop on Robust Speech Recognition for Unknown Communication Channels, Pont-à-Mousson, France, 95-98.

S. Dupont, C. Ris, O. Deroo, V. Fontaine, J.-M. Boite and L. Zanoni (1997). ``Context Independent and Context Dependent Hybrid HMM/ANN Systems for Training Independent Tasks'', Eurospeech, Rhodes, Greece.

D. Ellis (1997). ``The Weft: A representation for periodic sounds'', Proc. IEEE ICASSP-97, Munich, 1307-1310.

D. Ellis (1997). ``Computational Auditory Scene Analysis exploiting Speech-Recognition knowledge'', Proc. IEEE workshop on Apps. of Sig. Proc. to Aud. & Acous., Mohonk.

Y. Gotoh and S. Renals (1997). ``Document space models using latent semantic analysis'', Proc. Eurospeech, Rhodes, 1443-1446.

S. Greenberg and B. Kingsbury (1997). ``The modulation spectrogram: In pursuit of an invariant representation of speech'', Proc. IEEE ICASSP-97, Munich, 1647-1650.

J. Hennebert, C. Ris, H. Bourlard, S. Renals and N. Morgan (1997). ``Estimation of global posteriors and forward-backward training of hybrid HMM/ANN systems'', Proc. Eurospeech, Rhodes, 1951-1954.

B. Kingsbury and N. Morgan (1997). ``Recognizing reverberant speech with RASTA-PLP'', Proc. IEEE ICASSP-97, Munich, 1259-1262.

B. Kingsbury, N. Morgan and S. Greenberg (1997). ``Improving ASR performance for reverberant speech'', Proc. ESCA workshop of Robust Speech Recognition, Pont-a-Mousson, 87-90.

N. Morgan, E. Fosler and N. Mirghafori (1997). ``Speech Recognition using On-line Estimation of Speaking Rate'', Proc. Eurospeech, Rhodes, 2079-2082.

S-L. Wu, M. Shire, S. Greenberg and N. Morgan (1997). ``Integrating syllable boundary information into speech recognition'', Proc. IEEE ICASSP-97, Munich, 987-990.

G.D.Cook, S.R.Waterhouse, and A.J.Robinson. ``Ensemble Methods for Connectionist Acoustic Modelling Proceedings of the European Conference on Speech Technology'', Proc. Eurospeech, Rhodes.

G.D.Cook and A.J.Robinson. ``The 1997 ABBOT System for the Transcription of Broadcast News'', DARPA Broadcast News Transcription and Understanding Workshop, 1998.
G.D.Cook and A.J.Robinson. ``Transcribing Broadcast News with the 1997 Abbot System'', to appear in ICASSP98.

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