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WP6: Overview

Work Package Manager: FPMs
Executing Partners: CUED, FPMs, INESC, SU, ICSI

We have incorporated new hardware and software from the same group at ICSI that provided the successful system infrastructure for WERNICKE with the RAP computers. The new systems, which is vector-based, is required in SPRACH to (1) support our research (e.g., fast assessment of new research results on moderate sized tasks), and (2) provide fast training on large databases. Towards these ends the ICSI team has developed a vector supercomputer on a chip called the Torrent. Software has been developed for this chip that is analogous to the routines currently used on the RAP. Also, in the framework of WERNICKE, ICSI has finalized the building a single-processor S-bus board called SPERT that has been made available to the SPRACH partners for their research and development works.

Christophe Ris