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A Few Observations

Figure 5.2 shows all features transmitted as a percentage of the maximum. We observe the following:

Multi-band feature transmission is always as good as or better than the comparable full-band system, except for frontness. On average, 60.94% of the features are transmitted for the multi-band system compared to 59.06% for the full-band system for 54000 acoustic frames.

Low and sometimes mid frequency bands (often band 1 and sometimes band 2) transmit most of the feature information alone.

There is much redundancy in phonetic information content in the sub-bands, as the sum of information transmission over all bands far exceeds 100%. Lippmann [7] has highlighted this redundancy as a source of human robustness to speech degradations.

Figure 5.2: Phonetic features transmitted as a percentage of maximum possible, as measured by mutual information. b1 thru b4 stand for band1 thru band4, mb stands for multi-band, and fb for full-band analysis.

Christophe Ris