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Organization of this Progress Report

The general guidelines for the format of this progress report were "short" and "precise". Theoretical results developed previously and related to the approaches used in this work are not recalled in the written documents (although they will probably be briefly recalled during the formal presentation); only references to these theoretical results are provided. In case of new results, general technical descriptions are given in the technical section of the progress report (section on ``Technical Description'' for each task); a more detailed description is given in the Deliverables when necessary. Technical reports and publications have been included as parts of these Deliverables.

The outline for each workpackage write-up is the following:

WP Overview: List of workpackage manager and partners and short description of the workpackage.
Milestones and Deliverables: List of T0+12 Milestones and Deliverables and pointers to the following sections.
For each Task x:

Christophe Ris