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Structure, Work Packages and Tasks

In short, on top of WP0 on Project Management, eight work packages have been defined:

WP1: Database gathering from different sources and set up of baseline systems. In this framework, the large vocabulary, continuous speech recognizer resulting from WERNICKE will be extended to French and Portuguese.
WP2: Development of (and development tools for) lexica for multiple languages, including baseline dictionaries for new languages and automatic learning of new dictionaries.
WP3: Development tools and research on different approaches to represent and adapt language models (LM), with particular focus on generality and ease to use.
WP4: Development tools and research on application domain independence and adaptation, including task independency of acoustic models, and unsupervised adaptation and training of speakers and acoustic models.
WP5: More fundamental research into important issues related to speech recognition in general and hybrid systems in particular, including perceptual models, global discrimination, mixture of experts, and others. It is expected that, as for WERNICKE, research into those very well defined promising research areas will lead to further enhancement of our existing systems.
WP6: Development of the necessary software and hardware tools necessary to carry out the proposed work. As already shown with WERNICKE, this is particularly important in (1) reducing the research cycle and (2) forcing all the partners to work on the same software and hardware basis.
WP7: Evaluations and prototypes development to regularly assess the progress of SPRACH. Building upon the WERNICKE software, it is expected that some of those demonstration systems will actually be close to real ``products''.
WP8: Results dissemination and exploitation.

In the table below, we summarize the seven work packages broken down into their component tasks and their estimated manpower.
\begin{sideways}\begin{tabular}{\vert c\vert c\vert l\vert l\vert l\vert l\vert}...
...T (0.3), Daimler (0.3), Thomson (0.2) & \\

Strong interaction between all the partners and all work packages is guaranteed through the use of the same hardware, software and (research, i.e., US English) databases. Only language specific developments (UK English, French and Portuguese) will be carried out by the respective sites.

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Christophe Ris