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Work Package WP1: Databases and Baseline Systems

This workpackage had three essential objectives:

To follow the constant evolution of the internationally accepted databases for evaluation of continuous speech recognizers with very large vocabularies (addressed in Task T1.1).
To provide the databases that are needed for the multilingual aspects of the project, namely for French and Portuguese (also addressed in Task T1.1).
To develop baseline recognizers for the new languages in the project: French (Task T1.2) and Portuguese (Task T1.3).

Task 1.1 is addressed by the accompanying Broadcast News report (D7.2), and Tasks T1.2 and T1.3 by the respective French and Portuguese system reports (as Deliverables D1.2 and D1.3).

The French baseline system has been described in a publication at JEP-98 [8]. An English translation of this paper is enclosed to this report.

The Portuguese baseline system will be presented at ICSLP'98 [15].

Christophe Ris