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Entitled "Systèmes MObiles et DIstribués à interface VOCale", this project is funded by the "Région Wallonne" government.

See the Official web site (in French) for complete information about this project.



Voice applications are expected to become a key point of the man-machine interfaces. Both speech recognition and speech synthesis have to be adapted to the actual usage conditions, that is, noisy environments, ergonomic and economic requirements, ...

This project aims at proposing a new architecture for those man-machine interfaces leading to:

  • a simplification of the speaker independent speech recognition algorithms.

  • the improvement of the noise robustness.

  • the optimal balacing of the CPU load in a mobile environment, through distributed processing.

  • the specification of generic models for the integration of vocal solutions in heterogeneous application environments.

Applications targeted in this project are:

  • logistic

  • computer assisted industrial maintenance

  • medical follow-up of the patients.